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A new approach

As an increasing number of oil and gas drilling operators find themselves forced to harvest resources where they can be found, they're also discovering that they've dug themselves deep into a highly corrosive hole. The presence of H2S gases and other reactants have made it difficult to reach deposits located within the volatile environments.

Fortunately, new technology has given us the ability to adapt to these conditions and make what was once a pipe dream a reality. With the introduction of CRA (Corrosion Resistant Alloy) tubulars, we now can unearth these previously untapped deposits.

Unfortunately, there's a blessing/curse dynamic involved with the use of this technology: The new-age pipes have revolutionized the way we extract deposits, but they're expensive to purchase and maintain. With such a sizable investment tied up in CRA tubulars, we have to rethink the way we handle them - or risk chewing through the profits.